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Our Story

We are BRAVE BRAND, an outdoor apparel and lifestyle company created to keep you focused on your adventures, and nothing else.

Our mission is simple. Create an alternative to the ‘not quite right’ performance gear of the past, products that don’t look or feel like anything else. To do this though, we needed to reinvent the mindset, materials, and production surrounding outdoor apparel.

So, we stepped out of the box, smashed it, and never looked back. Following your advice, the risk-takers and glass half full kinda’ folks, we created a new line of stuff to put on your body while your body does stuff.

Our 4-way stretch, athletic, and sustainable fabrics keep you comfortable, morally in-check, looking awesome, and definitely not as smelly as you could be. 

You want to pick things up and maybe put them back down again…go for it. You want to disappear into the woods for weeks on end, live off berries, and finally have that bear bromance…no judgment. You want to sit on your couch in your activewear and test out your telepathic powers because the remote is MIA…we support you. We know you can do a lot more when you’re comfortable, whatever ‘more’ means to you.

We took some risks in creating our outdoor gear so you can go focus on taking your own.

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